Spalding Clinical Services is one of our oldest clients. We rebuilt their website using the WordPress Content Management system and the Divi theme.  A growing company, they have many clinicians who help a variety of people with various needs. It was important to showcase who a clinician worked with and what services they provided. We wanted to make sure that clients that visited the site could find the best fit, whether they looked at the clinicians pages first or went to the “who we help” or “specialties” page.

We made it very easy for clients to connect by having the contact information displayed at the top of every page, a contact us form in the main menu, and contact forms on each clinician’s page as well.

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Since 1986, The James Company has conducted over 1,600 fund raising programs in more than 1,000 congregations, faith-based organizations and non-profit institutions nationwide. The James Company’s graphic design provider, Interactive Design, reached out to us to maintain The James Company’s website which was built on Active Server Page technology.  Two years ago, we rebuilt The James Company website into a WordPress Multisite.

As a WordPress Multisite network, The James Company provides a website for each congregation and non-profit organization they help. Through these websites, they provide services and resources that help organizations cultivate and receive financial support.

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How Can We Help You?

How Can We Help You?
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